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Mac 27 2.66QC/2X2GB/1TB/4850 - 512MB/SD/WLMKB - Scratch Disk's

Posted on January 17, 2010 at 9:18 AM


I started off thinking about buying my IMac from John Lewis, as they were offering to give you a “Free 2 year warranty guarantee” wherea's PC World, only offer you 1 Year Free. Therefore i got my IMac from John Lewis. They told me that apple computers were the best, so I was happy about buying one. However when I got the IMac back home I got it out of the box, turned it on, only to find there were two dead spots (red dots) on the integrated WebCam, so I sent it back and asked if I could see a new one in the shop. They told me that you can not return computers that have this dead spot problem, but they said they would take it back, but other shop’s would not. I thought about it and decided to see the computer in the shop before taking it home this time. I looked at the new one in the shop, and it had more red dots then the other one, so I asked for a another new IMac, the shop assistant told me "i’m not going to go and open all the NEW IMac's up just because of one problem, this is the 1st problem we have had with an IMac” he then asked me if i'ed like a full refund. i decided id give john lewis one more chance as they have a very good reputation. i told him no, i would like a new IMac. But with out the problems, I then asked if I could look at the PC’s, after looking at the PC’s "Which where the same old, same old PC" I asked another shop assistant for a new IMac, he told me “Yes” nevertheless he repeated his colleagues warning that I could not take it back to the shop if it had a faulty web cam. I still brought another brand new one, "Though" when I got  it back home I found the integrated webcam was working fine, but the CD-DVD drive was destroying my disks, As if it had a needle built in to scratch them, so i ended up going back there again asking for a refund, I decided to try PC World next


Two days later I went to have a look in PC world. I found the model of IMac I wanted quickly and asked the sales person if I could look at the IMac before I took it home, I told him to turn it on and asked to look at the web cam and I conducted a test looking for any prominent dead spots after finding none, I asked him to test the CD-DVD drive, after filling him about my past issues with this model of IMac, he came back shortly with a blank brand new disk and popped it into the CD-DVD drive only to take it out and find the NEW IMac, had destroyed the disk like the computer I got from John Lewis, He then went and tested the display model with another brand new disc to get exactly the same results. He then turned to me and apologised to me and said he’d have to give me A refund, As the stock was all faulty, I'd single handedly spotted a fault with all the new IMac's, they had to send back their stock an i wait to test the new improved IMac


After all of the problems, once again, I decided to give them, A other GO at impressing me, with A working IMac,

So I called them up, telling them all, of what has happened,

Apple then asked me to go to one of there stores, which was a long way from are house,

Once I got to the store, I filled them in about my problems, There said on the phone that I could have some money off the new IMac because of all the faults, I have found,

I tilled them to put a disk in to the IMac, There got a dvd movie and put it in to the IMac,

It came out with No scratch's on the disk, after 7 time's of ejecting, I was still Not Happy with all that I went through,

So I tilled the shop assistant that it was doing it before, he got the dvd and put it in at a side and eject it, as if he had done it before, he then showed me and said if you put the disk in at an angle, then you are going to end up with scratch's on the disk, I then replied saying, If your sitting in front of it, then your going to be putting the disk's in at an angle, it should have been made for you to put the disk in as your sitting down in front of the IMac,

He then said, you can buy a other computer, I then said, I need a computer with power, Something that can play game's and the IMac is the only computer that Apple doe's that is update for 2010 and can play High powered games, So I worked out of the shop with a IMac, with money off,

I got a phone call the next day, from the Apple lady, that helped me, She said something cool would be coming in the post from apple, about a week later, I got a Apple hat and pen.

She really did help us with the hole thing, I'd give Apple 10 out of 10, for the help that I got from them,

If it was not for the help that I received, I would not have a IMac or a apple pen or hat to this day,


So this is why people recommend Apple, I would recommend Apple, not because of the problem's, but because of the help I got from them.



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