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How to flash a modded ASUS AMI UEFI BIOS

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 8:40 AM

found at : here

Hello, it was very hard for me to get my bios to update, with out the Security verification failed message, it does not help that AMIBIOS has different types of its program, some don't work on your bios, some do work, so im posting this guide for noobie bios modders like me


1st off you will need to download lots of different things, they also need to be the right things too, in the right place, you don't need to be a command line Computer Nerd, to make this work, you just need alot of time, and take things very slow, or you will end up with a computer, that wont even post,



1st download : here


download both UBU_Upd_2_1.exe




once downloaded, extract both UBU_v1_49_1 and UBU_Upd_2_1, you should then end up with two folders, you then want to move all folders out of UBU_Upd_2_1, "MEA" and "Modules" too UBU_v1_49_1, you then need to rename "UBU_v1_49_1" to "UBU" and move it to the root of your system drive, "c:\" one you have done that, download your bios, and move the .cap file, or .bin file, to the UBU folder, we just moved to your c:\ drive,


open a admin command prompt, by right clicking on your start button, or by ritght clicking on command prompt in all programs, once open, type in






now wait till it says : Press any key to continue...


now if you know what your doing, you may start, but if you don't, follow what i do,


press the number 1 then enter, press the number 7 then enter, then just enter after , 2 enter, 1 enter, enter, 3 enter, 1 enter, enter, 5 enter, 1 enter, enter,


now the harder part, press 7 and then enter, a window will open, just press enter inside of it, then go back to the windows you were working in and press 1, then enter, type 1C, then enter, then type 29, then enter again, press enter on the new window that opens, (if at any point, pressing enter does not work, to close the extra opened window, close it, then type n, then enter,


now press 0, then enter, then press 1, then enter 1, then enter again, to close the window, job done!


you should find a new bios file in the UBU folder, with the correct name for flashing to your bios, if flashback is still working for your system, great, if not, then continue reading,


next you will need to download : here


then extract the folfer found here :



open an old bios file, and flash it, using the program, then open and flash the new bios file with the program, make sure you do all blocks, this will by pass the Security verification failed message, if you still ged a message, keep opening and closing the program, till it lets you flash your bios, this is the only other way to flash your bios, if flashback is broken, :(

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