Welcome to my Site "World" Your at The :


I take interest in a wide range of websites all over the Internet, so its easy to bump into me,

 I can be seen on any of the following Site's below :

  "GameSpot"  "MySpace" "WebsiteBabble" "LinkedIn" "YouTube" "Netlog" "Google+"

 I use "FaceBook" as a more of a personal thing, So I don't accept Random Adds,  


That's not just it, Go back to "Google" and have a look at Site's, near You ?

I use the Nick Name "SignedAdam" on all the Site's that ask me for a Nick Name.

People ask me, "This Question" "So why do you use the Nick Name SignedAdam"

Let's say "By Signing some thing, You make it Personal" Put my name together with that, make's "SignedAdam"

Here's a Picture of me,

I am a self confessed computer nerd, So don't forget to send a "Friend request" to my Sony Entertainment Network account. i also play on PC games.

My goal for "DownItNow" is to provide you all with a WebSite which provides free Program for your computer, from making it run quicker to making it be able to take photos with different effects on your WebCam. Let me help you by doing the searching for you, i have product tested each one, So that they are all the best in their range.


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Sorry if you have came here for some updates on my self, im really busy right now, so every things on hold.